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  • 1920 Newfoundland One Dollar Bill

    1920 Newfoundland One...

    A dollar bill of Newfoundland and Labrador's own currency. The obverse has a richly engraved nautical scene. 

  • Grenfell Mat

    Grenfell Mat

    Authentic Historic Grenfell Mat of Iceberg circa 1920s

  • 1764 Bellin Chart of St. John's Harbour, Newfoundland

    1764 Bellin Chart of...

    One of the earliest known charts of St. John's harbour, when all that existed was the forts, a few houses, and a chain across the narrows.

  • 1754 Colored Bellin Map of Newfoundland and St. Lawrence

    1754 Colored Bellin Map...

    Hand-coloured map showing of Newfoundland and St. Lawrence, as was known in the 1700s.

  • Fainting Couch 1920s

    Fainting Couch 1920s

    Reupholstered fainting couch. The frame is rich wood sporting its original finish.The cushion and material has completed a top-of-the-line reupholster in soft microfibre by St. John's premier shop, 'European Upholstery'.

  • Crate TV Washstand

    Crate TV Washstand

    An antique washstand, originally made from recycled St. John's shipping crates, updated for a mobile electronics center.

  • Purity Breadbox

    Purity Breadbox

    Wooden Purity Breadbox. Study, original finish. Firewood-length box!

  • SS Torhamvan Porthole Table

    SS Torhamvan Porthole...

    A  large brass porthole rescued from the SS Torhamvan, which sank in Ferryland off the coast of Newfoundland.

  • 1744 Bellin Map of Newfoundland

    1744 Bellin Map of...

    A 1744 detailed map of the island of Newfoundland, including all the tiny port settlements along the coast.

  • 'Boy With Cod' Tinted Postcard

    'Boy With Cod' Tinted...

    An iconic postcard, probably the most famous of all Newfoundland postcards. Full size murals of this postcard have been painted around the province. A boy stands between 2 giant cod.

  • Newfoundland 1949 Ballot

    Newfoundland 1949 Ballot

    An original ballot from the 1949 Liberal Convention. 1949 was the year of course that Newfoundland would join Canada, with Joey Smallwood elected as the leader of the party on this ballot. An important historical item that steered the province in a direction.

  • Newfoundland Playing Cards Deck Early 1900s

    Newfoundland Playing...

    A complete deck, with Joker and information card. The cards feature various Newfounland photographs of places and people of Newfoundland and Labrador of the time. With original protective case. Published by Ayre & Sons in early 1900s.

  • Codfish Currency Cheque

    Codfish Currency Cheque

    A cheque purported from a time when codfish was currency. The text reads: 'Cashier of the Bank of Newfoundland please pay to bearer seventy five quintals fourteen pounds of uncured codfish.' Signed by the cheque writer [Quodlibet Hookem or Hoskem or Hoskien?]. There is a date of March 14, 1689. Note: cheque is as-found condition, may be from later...

  • Bowring Cruise Brochure

    Bowring Cruise Brochure

    A brochure for a summer cruise of the noted Red Cross Line from the Bowring Brothers of St. John's Newfoundlan. The colour cover has a dramatic painting of the cruise ship coming in through the narrows of St. John's harbour, Newfoundland. Inner pages have photos and descriptions of things to see and do locally, the ships and a map of route.

  • 'Water Street, St John's With Streetcar' Tinted Postcard

    'Water Street, St...

    The tinted postcard shows a street scene, namely Water Street in downtown St. John's, Newfoundland.   Entitled 'Water Street, St. John's, N.F., looking West from Telegram Building'.   There is a streetcar, some early electrical poles, a horse-drawn carriage, early shops, and some pedestrians on the sidewalk.

  • Newfoundand Hotel Keychain

    Newfoundand Hotel Keychain

    Original leather keychain fob for a guest room at the original Newfoundland Hotel. There is a key attached.